General Liability Insurance

Comprehensive General Liability insures a business against accidents and injury that could happen on its premises, as well as exposures related to its products. It will protect you from payments for bodily injury and property damage to a third party, for medical expenses, for the cost of defending lawsuits including investigations and settlements, and for any bonds or judgments required during an appeal procedure.

You can usually bid work without having a general liability policy but most often you can not perform the work until you have a general liability insurance policy in force. You will likely be required to provide an original ‘certificate of insurance’ before beginning a job.

Who needs a General Liability Insurance policy?
  • General Contractors
  • Heavy Construction Contractors
  • Specialty Trade Contractors
How much coverage do you need?

Industry experts recommend at least $1 million to $2 million of liability insurance. Your premium will depend on the specific risks involved and the size of your business, which is measured by sales, payroll or the number of employees. Commercial umbrellas and excess policies are also available.

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